Monday, February 2, 2009

The Good News is

As we seek to find ways of winning the lottery with our inner resources we can sometimes become negative when the lottery wins aren't manifesting as rapidly as we would like. This, of course, can make us feel down and disappointed. Carol Look is an expert on attracting abundance through the use of EFT. In this article she gives pointers on how to concentrate on the positive at times when we are all flooded with negatives.


I'm beginning to get saturated with all the bad news these days --- from the media as well as from people all around me. It's not that I don't care about the truth or what's effecting everyone out there, it's that the intense and chronic focus on the bad news is useless --- it's not helping any of us change the situation! What if we took some control back and made a conscious decision about what we wanted to pay attention to?

What if we deliberately focused on the "good" news?

What if when we noticed our focus on the bad news,
we made an effort to change this momentum?

What if focusing on the good news helped us
raise our vibration easily and quickly so
we could start enjoying our life more?

All of this is possible and easily within our reach. But like with any good tool, it's up to us to pick it up and use it!

So when you start to feel uncomfortable and realize that you have had more than your share of bad news for the day, turn the corner and write a list of all the good news you heard.

When you realize you have been glued to the television watching the same negative news cycles over and over again, change the physical channel and more importantly, change your internal channel.

When you hear yourself complaining to a friend or neighbor again about the same "bad news" story that should be long gone by now, turn it around...tell a new story about how you want your life to be. Telephone a friend about some good news you've heard...focus on something good that is happening now.

There's always going to be bad news. You will find it especially when you're looking for it. But the good news is... there will always be a lot of good news! You might have to search for it, ask about it, look in unusual places, but I guarantee you there is good news in your life and in the world. Now make the decision to focus on it...

Try the EFT setup phrases below to help you focus on the good news...


The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

"Even though I can't stop focusing on the bad news, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway."
"Even though I have this bad habit of focusing on bad news all the time, I am considering changing this pattern."

"Even though I spend way too much time on the bad news in my life, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway."

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish. (Those of you who are new to EFT may view a chart of the spots on my web site under the EFT pages.)

***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***

Eyebrow: "I gravitate towards the bad news."
Side of Eye: "There is a lot of bad news out there."
Under Eye: "I wonder what it would be like if I changed my focus."
Nose: "I have this pattern of focusing on bad news."
Chin: "It's so easy to focus on the bad news."
Collarbone: "I developed this habit over years."
Under Arm: "I wonder what would happen if I changed my focus."
Head: "I'm willing to focus on some good news."

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: "What if I could focus on good news?"
Side of Eye: "What if I deliberately changed my focus?"
Under Eye: "What if I stopped feeling helpless?"
Nose: "I'm going to take control of my focus."
Chin: "There is so much good news out there."
Collarbone: "There is so much good news in my life."
Under Arm: "I appreciate all the good news I know about."
Head: "I love focusing on all the good news in my life."

Keep tapping, and enjoy the clarity and peace of mind that comes from these efforts!

For more information on Carol Look and using EFT to attract abundance into your life please visit her site:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it possible to dowse the lottery?

Millions of dollars in lottery tickets are bought each year across the United States. Each lottery player has her own method of picking numbers. Some are random, some more scientific, and a growing number of individuals, perhaps inspired by the success of the Movie, The Secret, are using more esoteric approaches to picking lottery numbers.

Gene Morris has developed an esoteric method of number selection that is both intriguing and possibly very effective. Morris uses a quartz pendulum to dowse the numbers on the California Super Lotto. While he admits that he has yet to win big, he has been able to consistently hit the Mega number and anywhere from two to four of the regular numbers.

Morris bases his technique on remote viewing experiments conducted by the US Government. He says that he is by no means a psychic and that the system he has developed can be learned by just about anyone. He outlines his system in great detail in his book Dowsing The Lottery .

Dousing The Lottery is a bargain at $8.99. Morris is even giving away the first two chapters of his book as a free download.

This is a rare opportunity to develop your psychic abilities while also developing a skill that can put real money in your pockets as you play your favorite lottery. Find out more by reading Dousing The Lottery

Winning the Lottery from the Inside.

Every lottery player has his or her own favorite method of choosing their numbers, and there are countless books and websites available describing various systems that can increase one's odds of winning the lottery. I've tried many and I've come to the conclusion that best algorithm won't help you win if you have internal blockages to winning and to money.

I remember reading an Abraham-Hicks interview and someone asked about using the law of attraction to win the Lottery. Abraham laughed and said that it shouldn't be a problem as long as the person buying the ticket expected to win. This was a revelation to me. I thought, "how many times have bought those tickets with the conviction that I was wasting my money and that I would lose"? Maybe you've felt the same way.

So, on this blog we will discuss the different modalities that can be used to clear away the blockages that might prevent us from winning the lottery. We'll discuss law of attraction methods, release techniques, and EFT (emotional freedom technique).